New papers in MBE, GBE, and Evolution!

We have published three new studies related to hybridization and speciation. 

Our study on the disruption of gene expression during spermatogenesis in mice led by postdoc Erica Larson has been accepted in Molecular Biology and Evolution. We present the most detailed assessment of hybrid gene expression across mouse spermatogenesis to date. Aided by novel FACS cell-specific expression data, we find evidence for disruption of X chromosome regulation at multiple stages of spermatogenesis.

Our study on the disruption of gene expression during placental development in hamsters led by recent PhD graduate Tom Brekke has been published in Evolution. In this work we present evidence for extensive disruption of genomic imprinting associated with placental and embryonic overgrowth in hybrid dwarf hamsters. 

Finally, a collaborative study examining the dynamics of mitochondrial introgression in chipmunks has been published in Genome Biology and Evolution. This work was led by lab postdoc Brice Sarver as part of his dissertation work with Jack Sullivan at Idaho. 

So three papers (in three of our favorite journals), focusing on three different rodent systems, integrating functional genomics, population genetics, and developmental biology. Fun stuff!