In fond memory of two outstanding and influential scientists.

In April we lost two outstanding scientists and tremendous role models.

Rick Harrison (Cornell University) was a true giant in evolutionary biology, and his ties and influence on my career and lab were diverse and profound. In my opinion, there is no one in the field of speciation over the past several decades whose voice has resonated more clearly and consistently than Rick's.  His insights, thoughtfulness, and friendship will be missed. 

We were in the final editing stages of a special issue on the Genomics of Hybridization (see post above) when Rick suddenly passed away. We have dedicated this issue to his memory. At the last minute, we were also able to include a beautiful and touching In Memorium dedicated to Rick's legacy. This pretty much says it all:

Paul Joyce (University of Idaho) was a gifted mathematician and teacher who made substantial contributions to the genetics of adaptation, population genetics, phylogenetics, and microbial ecology. Paul had more recently taken an active leadership role in administration, serving as the Dean of the College of Science at the University of Idaho. Through all of this Paul remained a gifted and committed teacher, and was set to receive the honor of University of Idaho Distinguished Professor. Paul was a valued member of my MS committee and one of the most gracious and humble people that I have ever had the privilege to know. He will be greatly missed.