Lab Openings

Current postdoctoral opportunities:

May 21, 2018 - The Good lab is now searching for a postdoc on adaptive radiation and genome evolution in mammals. The position is part of an NSF-funded collaboration to integrate comparative genomics with quantitative morphology to investigate the most species-rich radiation of mammals: Old World rats and mice (>10% of all living mammals in 14 million years). The two most powerful mammalian model organisms (mouse and rat) emerged from this radiation, providing fundamental genetic and genomic resources for a broad range of basic and applied research. We will leverage and expand these unique resources to assess phenotypic and genotypic convergence and evaluate relationships among lineage diversification, phenotypic novelty, and molecular evolution. Email Jeff if you are interested.

Current graduate opportunities:

We have completed recruiting for the upcoming academic year (Fall 2018). I will be recruiting students interested in mammalian speciation and adaptation for Fall 2019 (apply by Dec. 1 2018).  Email me if you are interested joining the lab! See the News and Research links for more details.  

Academic Environment

The University of Montana is home to a diverse collection of faculty researching ecology and evolution. OBEE hosts an excellent graduate program with an emphasis on interdisciplinary training in evolution, genomics, ecology, physiology, and behavior. The Wildlife Biology program is similarly strong and diverse, with more of an applied emphasis on wildlife conservation.

Good lab graduate students are primarily affiliated with the Organismal Biology, Ecology, and Evolution (OBEE) program in the Division of Biological Sciences (DBS). When appropriate, I am also open to accepting students through Wildlife Biology, a joint program between DBS, the College of Forestry and Conservation, and the Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit. 

The OBEE program provides a dynamic and highly interactive academic environment, with weekly seminars from both external scholars and graduate students in the program. Graduate students in the Good lab can expect to interact frequently with a strong core of UM faculty and students focused on evolutionary genetics, genomics, ecology, behavior, and physiology.


Missoula is great western college town of ~70,000 people, boasting an active arts community, great local scene, and unrivaled access to the scenic northern Rockies. Located in the Bitterroot Valley, Missoula is surrounded by mountains and within minutes of three great rivers. The University of Montana lies on the banks of the Clark Fork River, adjacent to the heart of downtown Missoula, and is within 10 minutes of the nearest wilderness trailhead. This is a great place to be a biologist!